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Captain David Hoke has been fishing our local waters for over 20 years and has built a reputation as one of the top guides in Southwest Florida. His level of business from repeat customers speaks volumes about his ability to deliver an exceptional fishing experience, time after time! Because of this, Captain Hoke has garnered the reputation as Southwest Florida’s BEST fishing guide!

Captain Dave specializes in all types of inshore fishing, including giant tarpon, redfish and Snook. He also fishes for and regularly catches other species including trout, goliath grouper, sharks, sheepshead, snapper, flounder and many other types of saltwater fish. Captain Dave operates two boats: 1) a fully restored in 2014 22’ 2” Aquasport with 2018 Yamaha, and 2) a 21’ Intruder Cat powered by a 2019 Yamaha.



Captain Bill Hoke has been fishing our local waters for over 35 years! He is no stranger to big fish and has recorded big catches of Snook up to 36 pounds! Capt. Bill will get you to where the fish are as fast as you please, and dry! Capt. Bill has a proven track record on our local waters and has traced his roots all around our backcountry waters. Capt. Bill works well with kids, but also is equipped for the serious angler who is looking for record and memorable catches. Both Capt. Bill and Capt. Dave boast a rich family history of guiding and fishing for many generations.


Please note that Capt. Dave Hoke has put tournament fishing on hold due to his booming charter business. However, Capt. Dave is available for hire for fishing tournaments.

1st Place Captiva Invitational
1st Place Cracker Invitational
2nd Place Fingers O’Bannon Snook Tournament
1st Place Tarpon Lodge Roofers Tournament
1st Place Casting for a Cure
2nd Place McFlats Invitational
1st Chico’s Fishing for Life Tournament
3rd Darkside of the Moon Tournament
4th Place Flatsmaster RedSnook
4th Place Team of the Year Flatsmasters
2nd Place Flatsmasters Plug Tournament
1st place Redfish Calcutta Tournament
1st place Pirate Redfish Tournament
4th Flatsmasters RedPlug Challenge
6th Place Silver King Tarpon Tournament
2nd Place Charlotte High Redfish Roundup
3rd Place 100% Redfish Calcutta Tournament
3rd Place Extreme Redfish Series
1st Place Extreme Redfish Series
4th Place Flatsmasters Red PLug – 1st Place Calcutta
6th Flatsmasters Team of the Year

3rd Place Caloosa Summer Slam
1st Place Winners Caloosa Grand Championship
1st Place Redfish Pine Island Elementary Tournament
4th Place Obannon Snook Tournament
5th Place Edison Big Snook
7th Place Caloosa Catch and Release
1st Place Mangrove Madness Caloosa Series
12th Place IFA Redfish Tour
5th Place Extreme Redfish Series
5th Place Flatsmasters Redfish Challenge
6th Place Flatsmasters Qualifier
1st Place Tarpon Lodge Sportsman’s Redfish Challenge -1st Place Calcutta
3rd Place Guide for Flatsmasters Junior Angler Redfish Tournament
2nd Place Caloosa Summer Slam
9th Worlds Richest Redfish Challenge
7th IFA Redfish Tour Englewood, Fl.
3rd Place Caloosa Grand Championship – 1st Redfish Calcutta
22nd Place Cape Inshore Redfish Challenge – 1st Place Calcutta
1st Place Sportsman’s Redfish Challenge – 1st Place Calcutta
4th Place Team of the Year Flatsmasters Tournament Series
2nd Place IFA Open Redfish Series Punta Gorda


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